We provide objective strategic and operational advice to land owners, legacy owners, developers, lenders, investors and more.

About Mirador


We are real estate counselors who provide strategic and operational advice to owners, developers, investors, family offices, lenders, tenants, and government agencies. We work across a broad spectrum of industries and markets in the United States (from Charlotte to New York and from Boston to Los Angeles) and abroad (from Europe to Central and South America).

We are prepared to move quickly but advocate taking time to formulate a careful plan. Preparation on the front end leads to more profitable solutions. 

Clients generally come to us with complex real estate issues. We examine all sides of a problem and think about things you may not have considered.


Our services include:

  • Investment and diversification strategies

  • Property revenue and expense optimization

  • Resource identification and management (such as real estate brokers, appraisers, general contractors, architects and engineers, legal services, environmental consultants, and financing and equity sources)

  • Asset management

  • Disposition strategies

  • Valuation

  • Development feasibility and implementation

  • Property market analytics

  • Equity and debt structuring




We ask a lot of questions – especially at the beginning of a client relationship. “A New York investor and developer told me in 1991 that I asked too many questions,” Geoffrey recalls. “He was later convicted of securities fraud.”

When it comes right down to it, every client wants the same thing, and that’s maximizing present value (MPV). Although clients may not use the exact term, questions like this are a telltale sign that MPV is their goal:

  • “How can I make money on this asset?”

  • “What can I do to maximize my position?”

  • “What risks will I face?”

  • “How long will it take to see results?”

Prospective clients come to us primarily for guidance to achieve MPV. We’ve got your MPV in our sights, too, but first we start by building a relationship based on:

  • Trust and respect

  • A promise of confidentiality

  • Proven know-how

  • An objective perspective

The starting point with each potential assignment is to ask: What are we trying to accomplish?

The end point may be when the client selects one (of several) solutions to the defined problem, or we may assist in project management and implementation. Mirador’s objective is to offer options, but we’re neutral on which solution you ultimately choose. That is to say: We don’t have a vested interest in any of the possible outcomes.


The long view – which is what we encourage clients to take – does not imply a long timeframe. We understand there are inflection points in the investment and development process that require decisive action. That said, we also believe that advance reflection and preparation lead to more efficient and profitable outcomes, even when working with compressed investment periods. 



Each of the partners at Mirador are members of and hold leadership positions in The Counselors of Real Estate, an invitation-only group with 1,000 members worldwide. CRE was established exclusively for real estate professionals who provide advice, counsel or guidance that significantly affects real estate decisions, without personal bias or conflict of interest.

Tom also served as a delegate to the Interlaw legal network for nearly a decade. Interlaw is a global group of leading lawyers working worldwide to provide high-quality, value-added legal and business solutions. Interlaw grants membership only to firms demonstrating exceptional legal acumen, commercial skills and the best client service.


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