We provide objective strategic and operational advice to land owners, legacy owners, developers, lenders, investors and more.
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Who We Are

One of us is a real estate lawyer, another an appraiser and nonprofit leader, and the third a developer, investor, and commercial real estate lender. We are all experienced real estate professionals, outdoorsmen, conservationists, and problem solvers. 

We formed Mirador Real Estate Advisors, a boutique real estate advisory firm, to pool our talents and offer research-based real estate solutions to Charlotte, regional, national, and international clients. 

Geoffrey Curme and Dave Cable met in 1998 when they worked in the real estate capital markets divisions of First Union, Wachovia, and Wachovia Securities.  Tom Gates met Dave, and later Geoffrey, in 2004 when Dave left Wachovia Securities to become executive director of the Catawba Lands Conservancy. 

The Mirador partners have worked together over two decades, successfully guiding financial institutions, real estate ventures, and nonprofit organizations through the “the best of times and the worst of times.”

“Our intersecting professional, community service, and personal lives over the years forged a shared trust and mutual respect,” said Tom of the partnership.  “We always hoped our paths would converge again. We decided in May 2017 it was time to finally do what we’d been discussing for years.”   

We are no-nonsense professionals who take a long view – and ask a lot of questions – when it comes to real estate investment and development. We encourage clients to do the same.


What We Do

We’re real estate counselors. 

We provide objective, strategic, and operational advice to land owners, legacy owners and family offices, developers, lenders, investors, and more. 

We’ll take the time to know you and your business. We’ll offer research and advice. We’ll pose questions you may not have thought of, and offer a slate of solutions and guidance you can trust. 

When the client decides on a course of action, we can be available to manage the process and execute the plan. At this point, we can be as involved, or as hands-off, as the client wants.

We work to ensure the interests of the client, and any key stakeholders, are well served. 


About Our Name

A “mirador” is a vantage point that offers a commanding, panoramic view. Our combined experience creates this vantage point, and that’s the view we like to take when analyzing a real estate issue – from above, below, and all around.

A mirador can also be a beacon or lighthouse. If we were prone to metaphor, we’d tell you that Mirador aims to shine a light on our clients’ real estate challenges. 


Who You Are

You might be a building owner, a real estate developer, or an investment fund manager. You could have money to invest – or money to lend. Maybe you manage a family business or own and manage an office, industrial or retail portfolio with a broad mix of tenants.

You don’t make decisions until you have all the facts. You demand research and respect what it tells you.

You could be anywhere in the world. Some of our clients live, as we do, in Charlotte, NC. Others live in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and London.

You don’t want to be coddled. You like a “Just the facts, ma’am” approach. For that reason, you’ll (usually) appreciate having the unvarnished truth.   

But whoever and wherever you are --  if you have a real estate challenge, we can help you identify solutions.

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